Snapshots allows a new node to join the network by recovering application state from a backup file. Snapshot contains compressed copy of chain data directory. To keep backup files as small as plausible, snapshot server is periodically beeing state-synced.

Snapshots are taken automatically every 6 hours starting at 07:30 UTC

Pruning Indexer Version Tag
100/0/19 null v2.2.5
Block Age Download
3498375 4 hours snapshot (1.25 GB)

Stop the service and reset the data

sudo systemctl stop migalood
cp $HOME/.migalood/data/priv_validator_state.json $HOME/.migalood/priv_validator_state.json.backup
rm -rf $HOME/.migalood/data

Download latest snapshot

curl -L | tar -Ilz4 -xf - -C $HOME/.migalood
mv $HOME/.migalood/priv_validator_state.json.backup $HOME/.migalood/data/priv_validator_state.json

Restart the service and check the log

sudo systemctl start migalood && sudo journalctl -u migalood -f --no-hostname -o cat