Chain ID Latest Version Tag Custom Port
uptick_117-1 v0.2.19 115

Since we are using Cosmovisor, it makes it very easy to prepare for upcomming upgrade. You just have to build new binaries and move it into cosmovisor upgrades directory.

Download and build upgrade binaries

# Clone project repository
cd $HOME
rm -rf uptick
git clone
cd uptick
git checkout v0.2.19

# Build binaries
make build

# Prepare binaries for Cosmovisor
mkdir -p $HOME/.uptickd/cosmovisor/upgrades/v0.2.19/bin
mv build/uptickd $HOME/.uptickd/cosmovisor/upgrades/v0.2.19/bin/
rm -rf build

Thats it! Now when upgrade block height is reached, Cosmovisor will handle it automatically!