RPC nodes allow you to obtain information about what is happening on chain, by using HTTP requests. We scan the network and produce a list of nodes that publish their RPC endpoints. These nodes are not controlled by us, and we do not verify the correctness of the data they provide. Although we suggest you to use our managed nodes.

The block heights reported are obtained on a daily schedule. This data is provided as a snapshot of the time when data was collected.

Public RPC endpoints (8)

The last scan happened 2024-06-14 00:26:29 UTC

Endpoint Block Height Tx Index Moniker Validator 1 - 16,458,187 on rndArchive no 4,134,001 - 16,458,188 on rnd-fullnode no 8,943,001 - 16,458,188 on vitwit-seed1 no 10,068,001 - 16,458,188 on Spanish-rpc no 11,175,001 - 16,458,187 on Validatrium.com-rpc no 13,992,001 - 16,458,187 on test no 14,457,001 - 16,458,188 off fastsync no 16,305,501 - 16,458,188 on catBoss ⚠️ yes

raw scan results

⚠️ Validators or public sentries which hold voting power above 0 are marked with warning symbol. Exposed to the public network, endpoints can be used as attack vector to harm the chain. Node operators should be aware of this and have a firewall rules in place to limit the attack surface of their validator infrastructure.